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Kavach Brand Attack Solutions

Today’s increasing brand attack problem of counterfeiting, duplication and spurious imitation not only threatens brand equity and organisation revenues, but the health and safety of its victims.

Kavach is a leader of anti-counterfeiting security solutions in India. We design and manufacture security solutions integrating our patented technologies and materials in brand protection labels and seals with overt, covert and forensic security. We are experienced in successfully implementing our security labels and seals in a wide segment of industries by integrating with our customer’s overall brand protection strategy. This includes corporate, sales, marketing, packaging and supply chain systems.

For more than 25 years, many of India’s largest leading organisations have relied on PRS Permacel Pvt Ltd (a former division of Johnson & Johnson Ltd., and since 1999 a stand-alone company) and its Kavach division to protect their brands, increase their revenues, and safe guard their reputation by successfully minimising the impact of counterfeiting threats in the markets. Kavach customers include global brands, leading Indian companies, the Government of India and public sector organisations, as well as many small- and mid-sized companies.

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