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Research And Development

In this exciting and fast-moving industry, our Innovation Centre is recognised as being a leading research and development facility, staffed by experienced scientists, engineers and other specialists. Its ultra-modern R&D unit has been allocated a place of pride at the Ambernath facility. It has been awarded recognition by the "Department of Scientific and Industrial Research" (DSIR), which operates under the Government of India Ministry of Science and Technology.

Much of the highly sophisticated machinery and equipment we use in our laboratories is unique to us.  It has been designed and built to our specifications, making it suitable for our specific research, development and testing requirements.

Our determination to remain a cutting-edge market leader, in such a specialist field, is underpinned by our strong ethos of continual innovation and a business-wide determination to find solutions to even the most challenging of customer requirements.

As innovators, we are original and creative thinkers, who are driven by a determination to continually push beyond current boundaries, creating new ways to develop, test and manufacture products that meet changing standards, expectations and applications.

PRS Group