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Product Gallery

Brand Issue: Tampering

Solutions: Can be detected by Kavach seals manufactured using specialised and patented backing stocks



Brand Issue: Replication

Solutions: Can be detected by customer involvement solutions whereby seal, when peeled, reveals a specific hidden message.



Brand Issue: Diversion

Solutions: Can be detected by covert details integrated in seals

Brand Issue: Recirculation

Solutions: Can be controlled by integrating one-time usable seals on the pack

Industry-wide list of Kavach customers who have benefited from our solutions

  • Automotive (spare parts. OE source parts) Liquor (mass distribution, carton sealing)
  • Industrial consumables (photocopy spares, welding spares, MCCB, switchgear)
  • Agriculture (pesticide. seeds)
  • Pharmaceuticals (vials, vaccine)
  • FMCG
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